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Does successful treatment of constipation or faecal impaction resolve lower urinary tract symptoms? A structured review of the literature

Joan Ostaszkiewicz, Dr Chantal Ski, Ms Linda Hornby

Consensus guidelines advocate the treatment of constipation and faecal impaction in order to improve symptoms of urinary frequency, urgency and urinary incontinence and to promote bladder emptying in the absence of urinary tract obstruction. This structured review of the literature was undertaken to search for and appraise evidence to support or negate the hypothesis of this relationship. The search strategy was comprehensive and identified six relevant studies. Two of these had been conducted on an adult population and four studies involved children with constipation. These studies were appraised for methodological quality. It was found that sample sizes were small and evidence was inconsistent. Variable methods of reporting meant that data were not able to be pooled for meta-analysis. Based on the limited and conflicting evidence, it is recommended that further research be undertaken to identify any correlation between bowel and bladder function.


pdf icon ANZCJ Vol11 No3 pp70-80.pdf