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Normal values for detrusor wall thickness in nulligravid women

Orawan Lekskulchai, Hans Peter Dietz

The aim of this study was to define detrusor thickness in nulligravid women in order to determine the incidence of detrusor hypertrophy in young asymptomatic and symptomatic women. The study recruited 67 nulligravid volunteers who underwent three-dimensional (3-D) pelvic floor ultrasound using Kretz Voluson 730 systems. Three measurements each were taken for trigone and dome. Results showed that average detrusor thickness at the trigone was 4.0mm (SD=0.7, range 2.7-5.5mm) and at the dome 2.7mm (SD=0.7, range 1.8-5.0mm). Average measurements for both sites showed a mean of 3.4mm (SD=0.5, range 2.5-4.4mm). Symptoms of bladder irritability were not associated with detrusor wall thickness. In this group of 67 nulligravid women, almost all measurements were below 5mm, even in those who reported frequency, nocturia or urge incontinence. Detrusor thickness of >5mm seems to be acquired and may be an effect, rather than a cause, of symptoms of bladder irritability.


pdf icon ANZCJ Vol 13 No 1 pp4-6.pdf